XAMEN Technologies, a French startup in UAV domain, after more than one year of research and development, has been awarded a certificate ATEX zone 2 for one of the products in its range: the LE 4-8X DUAL ATEX. 


Our drone is the first ever UAV compliant with Explosive Atmospheres environments

This machine can investigate areas where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of gas and/or vapor, while avoiding a spark occurred and triggered the burning of these substances.


International Companies including oil tankers, LNG carriers and industrial chemical sector, expressed their strong interest in this new and innovative technology that answers several questions concerning industrial risk and significant cost reduction in a context of infrastructure maintenance. 




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Video - The first UAV certified for explosive environments



drone atex xamen technologies                                                                                                                  drone atex xamen technologies
  TOTAL through its dismantling subsidiary RETIA has validated the use of the Xamen Technologies Atex drone on its premises, the interest is dual:   
- First: Human o By reducing significantly the work-related accident risk. This priority objective for large industrial groups is fulfilled. The drone’s fully secure operation avoid any employees to be 70 meters high in an aerial lift.  

- Second: Financial o Cost of inspection is reduced with a 4 to 10 ratio. From 2 days inspection using scaffoldings down to 2 hours with our LE 4-8X Dual Atex, our cost-efficient solution, opens the possibilities for regular inspections and secure your infrastructure life time.  


drone atex xamen technologies  
drone atex xamen technologies  
drone atex xamen technologies  



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